Ing. Roman Šraga

I turned to the Urological Clinic at the University Hospital Brno, namely Dr. Pacík, with a request for help. My urological problems associated with an enlarged prostate were dramatically affecting my family and work life. I trusted Dr. Pacik not only because he was an expert, but also because he participated in the worldwide development of the REZŪM technology. He personally performed the procedure, and dealt with my post-treatment complications. Thank you very much. The result of the procedure met my expectations. I no longer take any pills, all prostate functions have been preserved: I am able to urinate normally. I recommend the procedure, despite it being financially demanding. An improvement in the quality of life and regained self-confidence are definitely worth it.

Pavol Baran

I decided to undergo REZŪM at Dr. Pacík’s clinic after studying the REZŪM method; he had been involved in developing this method since its conception and was the first to apply it in the Czech Republic. A catheter was inserted after the procedure, but was removed after a week and urination was fine. Just as you warned me before the procedure, small particles came out with the urine for a period of a few weeks, but the effect is very good. With respect to the fact that I had a 140 mg prostate, urinated very often at night and had the urge to urinate right after drinking fluids during the day, my condition after the procedure is that I urinate once or twice at night, every 3-4 hours. The procedure fulfilled what you expected for me, namely an improvement in my condition by about 70% due to the size of the prostate before the procedure. The investment into the procedure is unequivocally justifiable, and I clearly recommend the mentioned method to anyone who has similar health problems to mine. I absolutely consider the REZŪM procedure as successful; it helped me to improve my quality of life. I am now turning toward the future and considering if it is possible, from a health care point of view, to undergo the procedure again so that the condition of the prostate completely returns to normal.

Jiří Přikryl

Surgery was not painful, but rather unpleasant. The first month was quite unpleasant as well. I felt a burning sensation when urinating and experienced light bleeding. Towards the end of the first month, while urinating, some three pieces came out, but I didn’t see what it was. From that moment on, everything turned around and no such problems continued. The flow of urine is strong, urination is less frequent, and can be held. I am satisfied - I would recommend the procedure and I do not regret the investment, although I would welcome it being a little less expensive.

Petr K. (patient)

I am glad that I decided for this treatment. From a urological point of view, I feel much better than before treatment. Almost no micturition problems and without Tamsulosinem medication. Sometimes the area around the prostate feels sore; I feel a slight pressure, which is probably due to a cold or worsened psychological state. The REZŪM method helped me. I cannot compare it to other BPH treatment methods. In my opinion, this is the most gentle and effective way to treat the problem of impaired micturition to date.

Josef Volavka

I underwent the REZŪM procedure in May 2020. The REZŪM procedure was completely painless. After undergoing REZŪM, I was able to go home the same day, although I had a catheter inserted (which, given that I had a catheter inserted before – since November 2019, there was no change). I could perform all my routine work and activities as before. Three weeks after, my catheter was removed and screenings showed that the procedure was successful. Although I first had doubts after removing the catheter, I noticed an improvement during the same day, and my condition continued to improve in the following days. The REZŪM procedure completely did what I expected and I do not regret making the investment. Since the REZŪM procedure did not require lengthy hospitalisation, I was able to return to my normal activities almost immediately. I consider this investment to be adequate. I would definitely recommend the REZŪM procedure to my closest friends.

Antonín Rožnovják

I am 71 years old and I have been suffering from an enlarged prostate for about ten years. Despite initial treatment including drinking special teas, through to stronger herbal remedies and chemical medications, which did work to an extent, but had other side effects, e.g. pain and breast growth. My quality of life continued to decline until I was forced to accept a surgical solution. I was afraid, however, due to my health conditions (weak heart), so I was still interested in finding another form of intervention. Fortunately, I found out about the new method of treating BHP called REZŪM. Dr. Pacík started doing it at the University Hospital Brno. The procedure, performed with sterile steam, was practically painless and took about 10 minutes. I was able to go home the next day and everything was healed within a month. Urination improved by at least 70% and sexual function is fine. Compared to the situation before, it’s just great. Even though I had to pay about 70 thousand crowns, I don’t regret it. It’s worth it and I would do it again. That’s why I would like to thank Dr. Pacík and his team one more time.

Ing. Václav Bejček, CSc.

I underwent REZŪM therapy in Brno with Dr. Pacík, who was the first to introduce this technology into practice in the Czech Republic. I decided to undergo this procedure because my prostate had become enlarged, it started causing me problems, and conservative treatment with alpha-lytics caused side effects such as dizziness. Even though this procedure is not covered by public health insurance, I do not, for a moment, regret the funds invested and I would recommend it to anyone with the same diagnosis of benign prostatic enlargement. At my own request, the procedure was performed under local anaesthesia, so I was able to leave without any problems and continue recovery at home, which actually lasted only a few days and consisted of a lot of rest. This is, in my opinion, an ingenious idea of prostate cells apoptosis using sterile steam. The procedure, which took place without a single stitch, fully met my expectations, and if I am to give a subjective evaluation of the situation, I feel 10 to 15 years younger. My problems with frequent urination completely disappeared a few weeks after the procedure.

František from Brno (patient)

My main problem with an enlarged prostate at my age was that if I was not able, for various reasons, to make it to the toilet in time and delayed urinating for a long time, then I subsequently had major urination problems, which turned into an impossibility to urinate. This discomfort led me to address this with my urologist, who persuaded me to undergo a standard invasive procedure. Then I saw an interview about REZŪM with Dr. Pacík – I had made up my mind. He educated me in greater detail about this form of therapy, which seemed to me that it would interfere less with my body, so I had it done at the University Hospital Brno-Bohunice. The day after the procedure, I was able to leave the hospital and I can say that REZŪM helped to remove my main problem with urination. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with the same problems. I definitely do not regret the money spent in order to make me feel more comfortable again.

František Urban

The beginning of my problems associated with benign prostatic enlargement dates back twenty years. Around the year 2005, when I had just turned 50, the occasional difficulty urinating grew into a more or less permanent state, which led me to seek professional help. Despite conservative treatment using several types of medication, the problems kept escalating and I was diagnosed with an enlarged median lobe of the prostate. After several years of treatment, I was given the drug Urizia, the effects of which I perceived positively and even subjective felt a slight improvement. After about another five years of this treatment, I began to feel a gradual deterioration of my condition, which was not averted by another change in medication. After consulting with a urologist, I concluded that if I wanted to prevent the occurrence of uncontrollable emergencies, I had to have surgery. I consider it a coincidence that it was at that time that I became acquainted with the REZŪM method and the possibility of undergoing it, even if my diagnosis – enlarged median lobe – was contraindicative to some current modern surgical methods and, therefore, directed me to the traditional surgical route. The REZŪM method, which was presented to me by Dr. Pacík, who participated in the development and clinical implementation of this method, was a mini-invasive and, from my personal point of view, safer alternative to traditional surgery. That’s why I immediately accepted the offer to undergo REZŪM prostate therapy led by Dr. Pacík and his team. In my case, the procedure was carried out under analgesic sedation, and I spent a total of two nights in the hospital. The result was surprisingly good immediately after the procedure. And after my condition was stabilised, which lasted about three months and coincided with the prognosis, I can note that my urinary and prostate problems have subsided to such an extent that I consider my condition to be comparable to the situation twenty years ago, before I became aware of the problem. So, not only is the procedure finished, I can also say that it exceeded my expectations. I have recommended this form of therapy without any hesitations for serious consideration to my friends, whom I know have similar difficulties. Although it was a procedure paid by the patient, I consider it an investment in myself that paid off in full, not only by suppressing the risks, a quick return to my normal life after the procedure, but especially a completely positive overall result. It was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my health.

Zdeněk Holub

My difficulties with urinating began sometime after I turned 60. I went to the urologist for check-ups and took prostate pills. The difficulties slowly started to grow, especially the slow and long morning urination. One of my friends had traditional prostate surgery and had a lot of problems after surgery. While reading the newspaper, I found out that Dr. Pacík started administering the new REZŪM method, which uses steam, in Brno. I sent him an email asking if I could undergo this procedure. After submitting the records of my last urology check-up, I was accepted into the treatment programme as a suitable candidate. Everything went relatively quickly – my appointment was in about six weeks. All I needed was a preoperative examination from my general practitioner and to be admitted to the hospital in Brno. The first day was full of various examinations before surgery, and the next morning I was off to the operating room. All I remember from the whole procedure was how they dabbed me with disinfectant. I woke up in my room again after a short nap. It was about 10 AM. Sometime after 4 PM, I get in my car and go home. I have to drive about 180km. It’s not ideal, but it’s safe. After a week of carrying the catheter and urine bag around, I come to Brno again for the catheter to be removed and for a check-up. Everything is just fine. As I leave, I tell myself that, ideally, all surgeries should look like this. I certainly do not regret the funds spent on treatment and I have absolutely no problem recommending it to anyone.

Roman Strnad

At the beginning of June I underwent Dr. Pacík’s new REZŪM method for prostate treatment in Brno. The approach of Dr. Pacík and his team was professional yet very personal. The procedure itself took place very quickly and I was able to leave the hospital the same day. After several months of having a catheter and urine bag at my side, which was the case before treatment, I began living a completely new life. The procedure met absolutely all of my expectations. Care provided by Dr. Pacík did not end with the procedure – postoperative care is exemplary as well. If someone from my family or circle of friends would happen to suffer from a similar problem, I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Dr. Pacík. The investment is absolutely adequate with respect to the newfound quality of life; I definitely do not regret it.

Radek Vlasák

My experience with the executed REZŪM treatment at the urological clinic under the guidance of Dr. Pacík is…excellent! The painless procedure as well as subsequent rehabilitation – everything took place as I was informed in advance. Despite the initial investment, I can recommend this procedure to everyone because the return to normal life came around to me within a month. A big thank you again to Dr. Pacík and his team for their perfect work!

Stanislav S.

In December 2019, I was among the first to undergo the REZŪM procedure. So, it’s been more than 10 months since the procedure and that’s why I would like to share my experience. First of all, I would like to mention that I did not hesitate to undergo this procedure at all after I learned that it is offered in our country. I contacted Dr. Dalibor Pacík, and after the examination and consultation I had a choice. Either to continue in the conservative drug treatment or the REZŪM procedure. Today, I see that my decision was the right one. I didn’t have any problems after the procedure. My condition started improving and I stopped taking medication after about a month. After three months, I was able to forget about any prostate problems, but it didn’t end there. My condition is still improving. It’s as if I went back 15-20 years. The procedure met my expectations and I definitely do not regret spending the money. If someone is considering REZŪM treatment, I highly recommend it because Dr. Dalibor Pacík is a great expert and can help you.

Květoslav Bařina

This spring, I suffered from an enlarged prostate, thereby leading to complete cessation of urination. There was no other option for me other than to undergo surgery and have a catheter introduced in the meantime. A very unpleasant and annoying arrangement. I heard about this method from several sources, from acquaintances approximately my age (56). By searching the internet, I found out what this procedure entails. So I contacted Dr. Pacík. Thanks to his helpfulness and willingness to explain everything to me, I did not hesitate and underwent the procedure. Despite the fact that this method is recommended especially who have not experienced retention, the result is good. I have been urinating like a young man for the past six months. I have already recommended my friend, who has problems with an enlarged prostate, to undergo surgery with Dr. Pacík. After all, he is the expert who stood at birth of this method. And that provides a great guarantee of success. I do not regret the invested funds and if I was faced with the decision again, I would do the same. It’s definitely worth it. Thank you to Dr. Pacík for giving me back my normal lifestyle and wish him every success.

Jozef Chmurčiak

Dear Doctor Pacík, I underwent REZŪM therapy at your clinic shortly before restrictions were put in place due to COVID, and therefore, I could not come to my postoperative check-up. I have an appointment with my urologist this week and I will send you the results from this examination. As far as my personal feelings are concerned, there was absolutely no problem with the hospital care. As far as the improvement of my condition after the REZŪM procedure is concerned, unfortunately there is no improvement. It seemed promising three months after the procedure, but the situation started returning to the preoperative state. I urinate three times at night, my libido dropped significantly and I also lost my ejaculate. Immediately after the procedure, I complained about pain in my knees, which still persist, albeit to a lesser extent. I probably haven’t pleased you with this update, but that’s how it is. Nevertheless, I wish you much success and I will forward the promised report from the examination to you.

Dear Sir, I am very sorry and I would like to conduct an objective examination at my clinic to find out the connection, because out of hundreds of patients, two are not completely satisfied. Libido as well as knee pain cannot be related to the procedure and the loss of ejaculate is quite rare. Therefore, I wonder if there is some other cause that we should investigate. If you would like, I will set an appointment at my clinic. Just let me know. Sincerely, Dalibor Pacík

Ing. Tibor Kašiak

It isn’t right to use the work “short” because it took years. It wasn’t even a “story” because it was a disease. I didn’t realise this was a disease – I thought it comes with age and one just needs to come to terms with it. I started having problems urinating. Urination worsened over time, so I visited a urologist who, after a prostate examination, prescribed medication that I took for several years. In the fall of 2019, in October, my family and I were at a secluded cottage – the bus stop is about five kilometres away. That’s where it happened – urine retention. I drove into town in great pain, and the doctor there told me that he cannot help me due the lack of technical equipment. My condition worsening, I travelled to the district town. I asked for help at the surgery department, where they inserted a catheter and the pain subsided. The next day, the urologist informed me that urinary retention would most likely return after the catheter was removed. The catheter is an outlet that, together with the urine bag, I had to wear attached to the body, which caused considerable discomfort. I was coming to terms with the fact that surgery was inevitable. I studied available information about a possible robotic laparoscopy method of surgery, but I was quite concerned about the procedure and possible consequences. Searching on the internet, I found some information about the use of the REZŪM method in Brno, Czech Republic, successfully performed by Dr. Dalibor Pacík at the University Hospital Brno. My confidence was underlined by the fact that the Dr. Pacík received an award from the urological community, as well as information on cooperation with urologists from the UK and building on the experience of physicians in the USA. I wrote him an e-mail asking if I was lucky enough to book an appointment. I was lucky, but the examination showed that my prostate was quite large. After consulting Dr. Pacík, I decided to undergo the REZŪM surgical method. I knew that this treatment plan is not covered by health insurance, and I was also informed that the procedure may be repeated or traditional surgery may have to take place. Dr. Pacík explained the details of the procedure beforehand. I understood that I would have a catheter inserted during the recovery period. The duration of recovery is probably dependent on the size of the prostate. Surgery was successful. It was performed on 11 Dec 2019 and today, 22 Oct 2020, I don’t have any problems urinating and, what’s more, I don’t need a catheter. I feel good. As for financial side of the treatment, I have no reservations and I am convinced that the so-called investment in my health was definitely worth it. I have also recommended this procedure to my friends and acquaintances. This form of therapy has also been promoted by the Slovak press. In conclusion, as a layman, I wonder why health insurance does not cover the costs of this procedure. After all, the return on investment in health is definitely severalfold.

Ladislav Štégr

On 14 July 2020, I underwent REZŪM surgical treatment by prof. MUDr. Dalibor Pacík, CSc. The REZŪM procedure itself was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting pain. There was none. I only felt the pressure of the injected steam. After the procedure, I felt a significant improvement of my enlarged prostate condition only after a few days, especially pain relief when urinating and a decrease in the frequency of urges to urinate at night. I definitely recommend the Dr. Pacík to those close to me, my friends and other men who have a problem with an enlarged prostate. The REZŪM method is not covered by health insurance – I had to pay out of pocket. However, I definitely do not regret making this investment.

Jiří Valeš

Over time, I would like to evaluate my decision to undergo surgery for an enlarged prostate using the REZŪM method. I definitely consider my decision to be correct and I am glad that I underwent surgery and tried this method. Medical care at the University Hospital was at a good level the entire time. I was informed about everything before surgery and I could make the decision myself. I would definitely recommend this surgical method to my friends. However, there is the question of finances because some people would like to undergo it, but they simply don’t have the money. After surgery, there were some limitations for only the first five days – I was forced to have a catheter. After removing it, I could immediately urinate within a few minutes with a surprisingly large stream of urine. The situation gradually kept improving. I had a slight burning sensation when urinating and a small amount of blood in my urine, which is quite common. After my three-month check-up, I discontinued use of Omnic medication. With respect to finances, at first glance, the amount may seem higher, but it is necessary to consider the method’s many years of research and development, which must be now gradually returned to the companies that were involved in the process through financial means. So I understand that. In terms of longevity, I am curious to see how long it will last and actually help me. I don’t feel the same as in my youth, but at first glance, it significantly helped me in several respects. In my opinion, it’s better because I don’t have to go to the toilet at night as frequently and I don’t have to push when urinating (I can urinate spontaneously). These are the two major changes and advances compared to the situation before surgery. It’s not that I don’t have to go to the toilet at night at all, but it’s not so often. We’ll see how the situation develops in the coming months. For example, what the PSA test will indicate, and if I will have to take medication at least in the evening. But only time will tell.

Oto Kobrle

I would like to thank you for the care dedicated to my prostate problem. I am very glad that I was able to undergo REZŪM therapy introduced here. From the very beginning, when I was invited for a consultation, I was convinced that I was going to undergo this surgical treatment. First of all, I was satisfied with the short recovery time after the procedure. It certainly helps that the procedure is not as invasive as the usual other surgical procedures that have been performed so far. I believe that this method will be put into practice very quickly. In my case, I can also assess that this procedure is really very gentle. My brother had the same problems as I did and he underwent robotic surgery. He had problems with incontinence after surgery and still complained of pain. I did not have these problems after your procedure. Thanks to you I am fine and I feel very well. I urinate without interruption and I don’t have to force myself to urinate. A small drawback is that I have to urinate once or twice during the night, however, there are absolutely no problems during night urination. The price of the operation is higher, but the funds are invested well. They will improve your quality of life. In conclusion, I would like to thank you once again and wish you every success in your work. Of course, I promote your work in the field of medicine among my friends and maybe some of them will use your services in the future.

Zdeněk Kyselý

I underwent REZŪM therapy in December 2019 with Dr. Pacík. I was looking for an experienced physician because it was a completely new treatment method and I found out that Dr. Pacík had been at the very start of the method’s implementation in Europe, together with his British colleagues. The procedure was performed painlessly and my recovery took place over the course of a few days and without any complications. The problems I suffered from completely disappeared two to three months after the procedure. I recommend this treatment method to anyone who has problems with an enlarged prostate.

Břetislav Brodský

I found out about the REZŪM method performed at the University Hospital Brno during the 2019 Christmas holidays via the media. Since I had been treating this issue with another physician for quite some time, I turned to Dr. Pacík with the request to assess my health and suitability of using the REZŪM method to resolve my problems. Communication was quick, specific and professional – the personal visit was the same. The result of the appointment was a recommendation to undergo REZŪM therapy in order to eliminate my problems. Looking back over the past nine months, I can evaluate my decision to undergo this procedure as very positive and beneficial, even at the cost of covering the expenses myself. My expectations were met two to four weeks after the procedure: urine flow improved, I no longer had to deal with the constant problems limiting my personal life, including sleep. To anybody thinking about undergoing this procedure, I recommend it as well as the approach of Dr. Pacík and the team at the University Hospital Brno. Thank you to you all.

Luděk Ekrt

For several years, my quality of life was greatly limited by an enlarged prostate. Despite the regular urology check-ups, my condition was extremely disappointing and surgery was inevitable. I accidentally found out about REZŪM therapy on the internet. My case was tackled by Dr. Pacík. The procedure itself took just a few minutes and is completely painless. What matters is what followed. Within two weeks, I stopped waking up at night with the urge to urinate, and after a very short time, I felt like I did 10 years ago. I don’t have any problems at the moment and I am extremely happy that I made the decision to undergo the REZŪM method, and I can only recommend it. It’s true that the treatment is not covered, but if the result is my present condition, I have absolutely no regrets. As a comparison: dental implants are significantly more expensive and certainly do not have such an impact to one’s health.

Antonín Váverka

Dear Dr. Pacík, I can provide very positive comments on your REZŪM method. It has met all my expectations and I can only recommend it to other interested candidates, even though it is an out-of-pocket expense. It depends on how important health or another investment is to the client. Before the procedure, I often went to the toilet at night and I had problems with incontinence even though I was taking OMNIC TOCAS 0.4 mg. The prostate was 37 cm. After the procedure, the prostate is 25.4 cm. I go to the toilet at night only as an exception. I no longer take medication. I just hope it lasts as long as possible. I am very satisfied now.

prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Holomek, CSc.

When my urologist informed me about my diagnosis and recommended surgical treatment, I started searching for alternatives. Through an internet search, I found an interview with Dr. Pacík and started researching REZŪM therapy. I contacted Dr. Pacík and I made an appointment. The procedure was performed under local anaesthesia; I went home after lunch. My condition gradually improved, but today, I am very satisfied with the result. The procedure is not covered by health insurance and it isn’t cheap, but I am convinced that the treatment was a good investment. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who can use this method as a help to their problems.

prof. Ing. Jaroslav Dvořáček, CSc.

I decided to undergo REZŪM therapy because of the absence of anaesthesia during the procedure and the unnecessary several days of recovery in the hospital. The procedure took place relatively quickly, in my case, fully conscious. I went to work for a few hours the next day and I performed my normal household activities. After removing the catheter, I didn’t even realise treatment had taken place. The course of treatment exceeded my expectations. I recommend the REZŪM method to all potential candidates including family members, and I consider the money invested to be one of the best investments in my life.

Pavel (patient)

In the spring of 2020, I underwent the REZŪM procedure. I would like to take this opportunity thank Dr. Dalibor Pacík, who performed the procedure, for his highly professional approach. My condition before treatment was dismal – basically, I was no longer able to urinate. My condition now is absolutely incomparable to my condition before. My quality of life has changed at the cost of a one-day hospitalisation and without an unpleasantly long recovery or undesirable side effects. Although health insurance does not cover this procedure, I do not regret investing my personal finances. I am confident in saying that I recommend it to anyone in need.

D. Kodym

The REZŪM procedure that I underwent at your facility went well. I understand that a miraculous rejuvenation is out of the question, but my problems have improved and I will be very happy if my condition stabilises in the future and I won’t have to deal with it later on. From my point of view, I recommend the procedure. The financial investment is not a concern to me because the most important value in my life is health.

Ivan Jandl, 72 years old

I did not have acute prostate problems, but I wasn’t satisfied with frequent urination, especially at night. It was by chance that I found out about REZŪM, and I decided to book an appointment with Dr. Pacík and see if my condition matches the options of this treatment. I was very pleasantly surprised by Dr. Pacík’s approach and his explanation of ambiguities. I registered a similarly helpful and very professional approach during the preparation phase and procedure itself. The procedure and recovery took place exactly as predicted, without complications. It has been about three months, and I don’t even know about my prostate. I recommend this procedure to all my friends. It’d be great if health insurance covered the treatment, but even so, I have absolutely no regrets with the investment and I am satisfied.

Pavel Neuman

The procedure at the Urological Clinic in Brno-Bohunice met all of my expectations, just like I stated during my planned three-month check-up after the REZŪM procedure. The stay at the clinic, the approach of you and your colleagues was absolutely professional. The procedure itself took place as if nothing had happened and the recovery period was also problem-free. As for the price for REZŪM therapy technology, I have no regrets spending the funds. I will be happy to recommend this method to other men who have problems with urination and their prostate. In my opinion, it is necessary not to underestimate anything and entrust one’s self into your hands.

Peter Kwašniewski

Allow me to share my experience. I started feeling discomfort for the first time about seven years ago and started seeing my urologist. He initiated conservative treatment and started planning traditional surgery of the prostate. Naturally, I had some concerns about what could happen during surgery, e.g. incontinence. And so I started looking for other solutions and found Dr. Dalibor Pacík with his unique REZŪM method. We booked an appointment, where he explained everything to me and showed me on a scale model. He already has a number of cured patients and has great results. The procedure was successful; there were no complications. It’s been four months since the procedure and I’m looking forward to excellent health. My urological troubles and complications with urination have disappeared. I highly recommend Dr. Pacík to everyone who is undecided. He has conducted a series of these procedures and has vast experience. I do not regret the investment because it has restored by zest for life.

Patient from Brno

In 2019, my prostate problems gradually worsened until I decided to see a urologist at the end of the year. The diagnosis was not favourable – an enlarged prostate, and based on blood tests, a possible malignant tumour. Fortunately, based on biopsy samples, the tumour was not confirmed. The urologist gave me two options: either to take medication for the remainder of my life or to have surgery to remove the prostate. I went to the internet and started searching for information around the world. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life consuming some sort of chemicals, and radical surgery is associated with risks of irreversible damage to certain functions and long recovery times. I came across some information on the internet that the University Hospital Brno started applying the new REZŪM method with the promise of minor accompanying complications and short recovery times. I wrote an e-mail to Dr. Pacík, and after the initial examination whether I fit the criteria of a suitable candidate, I underwent the procedure during the winter of 2020. The only restriction after the procedure was the need to walk around with a catheter, which was removed two weeks after. You get used to it – a cast fixing a broken leg would be a larger complication  Currently, the problems I had experienced before the procedure have practically disappeared and I have already recommended REZŪM treatment to an acquaintance. I am technically oriented and I try to understand things in detail. I appreciate Dr. Pacík’s approach; he explained everything to me openly and in detail, and committed himself to me throughout my treatment, as well as to other patients who underwent the procedure at the same time. The treatment is an out-of-pocket expense, but the amount spent was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Jaroslav Němec

I would like to thank you for your very helpful approach both before and after REZŪM treatment. Five months after surgery, I can state that my quality of life has significantly improved and that the procedure met my expectations. I have already recommended this method to both family and friends. As for the price, I consider it reasonable, even if it is unaffordable for many older people. It would be desirable to negotiate with health insurance companies on the inclusion of treatment into the compensation system. In my opinion, this method is cheaper than conventional prostate surgery.

Pavel Troják, 62 years old

I underwent the REZŪM procedure in the spring of 2020 with Dr. Pacík at the University Hospital Brno. I recommend this procedure to anyone who has problems with an enlarged prostate. The procedure met my expectations. Urinary incontinence ceased, frequent urination at night remained, but even that should improve over time. My sex life has also improved. I recommend having this procedure performed by Dr. Pacík, who has the greatest experience with this method in the Czech Republic.

Ing. Ladislav Kobelka, 63 years old

Personally, I appreciate Dr. Pacík’s personal, kind and absolutely professional approach both in the preparing the patient for the procedure and after its execution. I obtained all the information necessary during the preparation phase and the questions I had prepared were answered in a personal discussion with the doctor, without having to ask myself. My main concern was the size of the prostate. Today, five months after the procedure, I able to appreciate the following aspects: medication, acute conditions and nocturia ceased, micturition capacity increased by 50%, absolutely no problems with day urination, and a significant decrease in PSA. All of these aspects have contributed to the improvement in my personal life and well-being, which cannot be measured in terms of money. I recommend this treatment to everyone.

Bohumil Skupina

I am 73 years old. Before the REZŪM procedure, I didn’t dare set out on a longer trip. I was tired from constantly waking up during the night. I had no idea that something could change such a deteriorated lifestyle. In May 2020, I underwent REZŪM therapy. I read about this procedure on the internet. According to the available information, I decided to approach Dr. Pacík at the University Hospital Brno. He seemed to know a lot and have a very reasonable approach to this matter. Although this treatment is not covered by health insurance, I don’t regret the money spent. Shortly after the procedure, my life changed completely and I am limited by nothing. I would like to thank Dr. Pacík and his team for the amazing approach before, during and after treatment. If my condition was to worsen, I will undergo the procedure again.

MUDr. Bohuslav Navrátil

I underwent REZŪM surgery to address an enlarged prostate on 20 May 2020 at the Urological Clinic of the University Hospital Brno. Before planning the surgery, I went through a meticulous examination and, at the same time, I was thoroughly informed by Dr. Pacík about the procedure itself, its concept, course and significance, but also about possible complications. We dealt with them in great detail since my prostate was quite large (140 g). And it was beneficial because the postoperative period corresponded to a more invasive procedure. I had a catheter for three weeks, and after removing it, I still had very frequent urination for the next week. During the three months after surgery, I was given three sets of antibiotics to treat a bladder infection. I can state that it was only after about 3.5 months post-op that I was completely satisfied and had no other problems. This still applies today and I am more than happy. I would recommend this treatment to anybody who has difficulty urinating due to an enlarged prostate because if I compare my condition before the procedure (two episodes of complete cessation of urination with the need for catheterisation, problems during longer trips, fear of ingesting larger volumes of fluids) to my current condition, I have none of the aforementioned problems. I do not regret investing in this treatment method (unless I consider my work and the more or less meaningfulness of health insurance) because the difference in the quality of life before and after is more than significant. Treatment completely met my expectations. I expected minor problems in the postoperative period, which in my case were magnified by the more significant procedure, but all this was bearable and I was able to look forward to the condition and quality of life that I have today. In conclusion, I would like to recommend treatment to all men who have problems with urinating due to an enlarged prostate: do not hesitate and tackle the problem. When comparing all possible options, the REZŪM method has the least number of side effects, the shortest recovery period and the quickest return to a normal life. It’s a shame that it’s only been available since the beginning of this year because my problem lasted five years. I’m glad that I underwent this treatment. My sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Pacík for his kind approach, professionalism and expert erudition.

Patient from Nitra

I would like to express my maximum level of satisfaction with my surgery performed by Dr. Pacík. My surgery took place at the end of January 2020 using the REZŪM method. The condition of the prostate, which weighed up to 80 g before surgery and cause serious problems when urinating, gradually began to improve after a few months. After about five months after surgery, the condition of the prostate stabilised so much that urine residue dropped by half and the frequency of urination is completely standard – simply, urination is no longer a problem I have. I definitely recommend Dr. Pacík to anyone who has prostate problems like I did. I appreciate his long-term experience with this method and the thorough examination before surgery. The only downside is that health insurance in Slovakia does not cover the surgery. However, I don’t regret this investment. I good result came after a few months, thus completely meeting my expectations.

Jaroslav Malach

For some time, my life was accompanied by the inconveniences that bother us men with an enlarged prostate until the day when I saw a report in the “Jihomoravský večerník” newscast about the REZŪM method in a hospital in Brno, performed by Dr. Pacík. I underwent the procedure about five months ago and I can only speak in superlatives. There were no complications, the problems are gone and I just want to add a note: health insurance does not cover the procedure, but the result is definitely worth it.

Emanuel Vrba

Dear Dr. Pacík, If I have to comment on the REZŪM method, I am very satisfied. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in this method. The procedure met my expectations. In the case of the invested funds, I have no regrets. I would like to thank you for your personal and professional approach.

Mr. Vančík

Problems with my prostate (frequent urination) started about two years ago. I visited a urologist on several occasions, gradually prescribing several types of medication, but always without effect. Then I learned about Dr. Pacík’s REZŪM therapy. After talking to Mr. Pacík, I underwent the recommended REZŪM treatment. Surgery took about five minutes on an outpatient basis, and then I went home. Positive effects started showing up about one month afterward – prostate function improved without any side effects. I’m relatively well now and I do not regret investing in the therapy. I recommend this outpatient treatment to all similarly affected patients.

Jaroslav Báňa

In May of this year, I underwent the new REZŪM treatment method at the Urological Clinic in Brno-Bohunice with Dr. Pacík. I had prostatic hypertrophy, was on medication, eventually suffering from urinary retention, and had a catheter in place for some time. A frequent need to urinate, especially at night, poor sleep, fear of longer car rides all made my life miserable. The idea of growing old with a catheter frightened me. I contacted Dr. Pacík, who gave me the necessary information and explanations. In the end, my biggest concern was whether I would be a suitable candidate for this type of treatment. My wife and I agreed that, although this method was quite financially demanding, it was crucial for us to live a peaceful and stress-free life. Everything worked out! I feel great, I am in the dispensary care of Dr. Pacík and that gives me assurance for the future. I recommend this treatment plan to those with the same problems. I consider the investment to be adequate because it provides a return to a full life.

Aleš Pavelek

When addressing my prostate problem, I had the choice between TURP and TUIP. Luckily, I found out about a prostate reduction procedure using the REZŪM method, performed by Dr. Pacík at the University Hospital Brno. Right from the beginning, Dr. Pacík and his team communicated with great professionalism. I also trusted the Dr. Pacík because he was involved in the development of this new technology. I underwent surgery under partial anaesthesia and it was completely painless. After the procedure, I didn’t have to take sick leave and there were no postoperative complications. The result is a significant reduction in urinary frequency, which gives me no problems at all; urine flow as it was in my younger days. I was afraid there would be spontaneous incontinence, but none developed. My condition stabilised after two or three months after the procedure. It’s been nine months since the procedure, and I can fully recommend Dr. Pacík to everyone, and I am very glad that I was able to be treated. The cost of the procedure is fully adequate to the achieved result. My expectations were met – 100%. If any of your patients would like more information, you can provide them with my contact information.

Břetislav Holohlavský

Having prostate problems, a urologist recommended standard TURP surgery, which I refused due to the possible negative consequences. So I started looking for different solutions to conventional surgery and found the unique, gentle and revolutionary REZŪM method by Dr. PACÍK, who explained everything to me in detail, and after reaching an agreement, I was given the date of surgery, and was warned that the procedure is not covered by health insurance. I agreed. Then I underwent treatment with Dr. Pacík. The great advantage of this procedure is that I went home the next day. A nuisance is the catheter inserted for a week, but it was bearable. The REZŪM approach definitely met my expectations and I appreciate the wonderful and professional approach of Dr. PACÍK. I highly recommend this method to my friends and I have no regrets about the investment regarding treatment.

Petr Václavínek

In the spring of 2020, I underwent the REZŪM treatment method at the University Hospital Brno. I received the contact information from a friend. It was something completely new at the time, so I didn’t hesitate and contacted Dr. Pacík. The approach to the examination was absolutely professional, and considering the enthusiasm and control sampling, we agreed on the date of the procedure. Everything took place at the University Hospital Brno. On the first day, I was hospitalised and prepared, and on the next day in the morning, several procedures took place, again everybody being very professional, both in the hospital room and operating room. The procedure took place under partial anaesthesia and was performed in about 20 minutes. In fact, we left the hospital on the day of surgery. Home care with an inserted catheter lasted three weeks, during which time the passage of dead tissue could be observed. Everything went along exactly as described by the doctor before the procedure. After removing the catheter and a check-up, the period of healing continued, with certain feelings slightly persisting; however, those subsided over time. After three months, the doctor examined me and the results were very favourable. The prostate and the measured PSA both shrunk. I am grateful that my friend mentioned Dr. Pacík and his approach some time ago, and I have no regrets about the price of the treatment. Finally, one more piece of information: before the procedure, I researched all sort of information about this method, and among other things, I found out that the procedure is offered by other doctors as well, but I never thought to go to somebody other than Dr. Pacík because he is a pioneer in this treatment method – he stood at its birth. I trusted him completely and was not disappointed.