First appointment and examination

You should see your urologist not only when experiencing health problems, but also for the sake of prevention in the male population. The following points will inform you about how to proceed when booking an appointment to see your urologist at our facility and what you can expect from your first appointment at Dr. Pacík’s urological clinic.

I. Booking an appointment

The client can book an appointment by calling the mobile or landline phone numbers during office hours. It is also possible to come to the clinic in person and book an appointment directly at the reception desk during office hours. Clients are also invited to write an e-mail to Clients are contacted via the e-mail address or phone number provided to set and confirm the date of the appointment.

The client does not need a referral from a general practitioner to book an appointment. The patient will be examined both in the case of a referral from his/her doctor on the basis of identified urological problems, and in the case of his/her own decision and will pay no extra fee.

II. Health insurance and payment of the medical examination

Dr. Pacík’s urological clinic is a private urological facility. Medical care provided by the urological clinic is fully covered by the patient’s health insurance company if the urological clinic has a contract with the company. Clients with other health insurance companies pay for their medical care themselves. Detailed information and conditions in case the patient is not covered by the insurance company are provided to the patient at the reception desk. During registration, the client is always informed about payment terms, i.e. whether the care is covered by the health insurance company or if the client must pay directly.

III. Visiting the clinic

A) Registration

The client shall arrive at the time of the set appointment. First of all, the nurse registers the patient at the reception desk, and in the case of a repeated visit, she searches for his/her already established medical records.

It is always necessary for the patient to present us with his/her valid health insurance card. The client may also submit their doctor’s referral. Basic information is registered – given name, surname, title, residential address, health insurance company, telephone and email contact in order to simplify communication and give the staff the possibility of contacting clients in urgent matters.

If a patient has any previous medical records (especially those possibly pertaining to the problem he/she is experiencing), it is advisable to take them along and present them during registration.

B) First urology appointment, examination and next check-ups

The medical team at the clinic is comprised of experts with specialisations in the fields of urology, oncology and andrology. Depending on the date of the appointment, the attending physician will care for the patient. When booking an appointment, the patient has the option of choosing the attending physician and every effort will be made to meet this request with respect to the facility’s operational capacity.

If a patient comes to the urological clinic in the case of an acute medical condition, he/she will be asked by the nurse at the reception desk to provide a urine sample. A chemical analysis of the sample will be performed using the automatic analyser so that the doctor has the result available for the subsequent interview.

During the first check-up, the urologist asks about information leading up to the patient’s current problem. He/she performs a general physical examination (including feeling the prostate in the case of men), ultrasound examination of the urinary and genital (in men) tracts, determines a preliminary or final diagnosis and plans other necessary examinations in order to make a diagnosis and initiate proper treatment if a health condition is found. In the case of a preventive check-up, he/she will recommend the date of the next appointment.

If a health condition is found, a laboratory examination (further urine analysis, bloodwork) follows from the samples taken directly at the clinic. Furthermore, a semen analysis, a biological secretion culture examination, a special imaging examination can all be carried out in cooperation with other professional facilities, where the necessary and desired level is assured (computed tomography, magnetic resonance, etc.). The patient is informed about the results of individual examinations during his/her next appointment, i.e. one that is planned as soon as possible.

The aim is to carry out all necessary examinations during each check-up in order to keep the number of future appointments to a minimum.

After making a diagnosis, and when further treatment requires hospitalisation (or possibly the need for surgical treatment), the patient is preferably sent to the Urological Clinic at the University Hospital Brno – our clinic’s close partner.